Most of the Hair Styles have Hair Included. Prices are based on Shoulder Length

Hair Style Price
Box Braids Pixie $270 Up
Box Braids Bob $120 Up
Women Conraws $70 Up
Braids Removal $25 Up
Mens Conraws $30 Up
Kids Conraws $55 Up
Crochet Braids $100 Up
Retwist loc $55 Up
Shampoo Braid $45 Up
Shampoo Treatment $35 Up
Touch Up $80 Up
Sewin Weave, Conraws $150 Up
Sewin Weave, Illusion Part $150 Up
Sewin Weave Invisible Part $170 Up
Sewin Weave, Micro Braid Closure $170 Up
Flat Twist $45 Up
Croshet Loc extension $180 Up
Loc extension $200 Up
Hair Color $45 Up
Relaxer $45 Up
Big Senegalese Twist $130 Up
Medium Senegalese Twist $170 Up
Medium Senegalese Twist Short $150 Up
Small Senegalese Twist $220 Up
Big Ghana Braids $35 Up
Medium Ghana Braids $100 Up
Small Big Ghana Braids $150 Up
Shampoo, Blow dry $30 Up
Shampoo, Blow dry, Flat Iron $70 Up
Wig Making $150 Up
Hair Detangling $10 Up
Kids Braiding $30 Up
Kids Styles $40 Up
Medium Short Kinky Twist $130 Up
Medium Kinky Twist $170 Up
Small Kinky Twist $220 Up
Micro Braiding Medium $200 Up
Micro Braiding Small $250 Up
Mohawk Natural Hair $80 Up
Short Nubi Twist $130 Up
Medium Nubi Twist $170 Up
Small Nubi Twist $220 Up
Big Plats $100 Up
Medium Plats $170 Up
Small Plats $220 Up
Tree Braiding $200 Up
Up Dos $45 Up